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CONCEPT Solutions & Innovations is an international Management Innovative Advisory and Renewable Energy Developer (SOLAR).

We have offices in Cyprus, Jeddah, KSA in Denmark and Joint Offices in Jordan and Dubai.


Concept Solutions & Innovations Ltd. is an international educational and consulting company – 6 years ago we created a division for Renewable Energy, focusing on SOLAR TO ENERGY, which today is a leading consultant and developer of projects jointly with professional solar suppliers and EPC contractors.

Founded over 29 years ago, we are a group of dedicated change management professionals, who have worked all over the globe, committed to the creation of added value within companies and organisations. We have the experience and proven methodologies for achieving outstanding results through “targeted” development of systems, people and structures. Effective alignment of our client’s resources to meet their corporate objectives enables a measurable step change improvement in their business performance.

Our Vision

We are, and want always to be, considered experienced in the area of professional advisors within strategic, tactical and operational management and can, with our consultants, assist any organisation to minimise their risk and optimise the returns for their business. As an international firm, our network of associated companies and contacts world-wide are an obvious advantage to our clients.

Our Mission

We consider our employees and our partners as our main asset of the company. The international consultant will in the future be required by all our clients, who will expect to have access to the best expertise - regardless of where the client is to be found world-wide.

The ability of the individual consultant to work and communicate with clients and colleagues with a different culture and mentality is a must for the success of a modern, progressive consultancy firm.

For our employees, our values mean at equal possibilities are given to all for their personal development in a trusting environment. We will energicly enhance the career development and build up employee satisfaction that starts with listening to every wish and qualification. We will encourage weighing out the responsibility towards the organization and every employee private life. We are committed to honesty, fairness and quality to their full extent, that secures our clients the values and the innovative skills needed to reach the satisfaction. In relation to our other surrounding, we will behave as responsible citizens and live up to the demands and laws.


We secure that both YOU and WE have mutual understanding for the meaning of being human.

To be human – able to analyze and capable of bringing solution models that are built on facts. The professional qualifications are characterized from one cooperation to another.

Definition of  Consultancy work - whether management or project

Consultancy is carried out by specially educated and qualified employees that are hired and placed for the purpose of consulting the companies and organizations. Consultants should assist the client (organization) objectively, business like and in an independent manner. To identify the management’s or the managers’ problems, analyze and bring solution models to the problems identified, and should assist according to the need in the implementation phase for the solution.

Consultancy is not a neat packed product or service. It is not sold on a fixed price in advance. Consultancy is part of the start up of activity, where problems and solutions are based on illnesses, and where the client organization wishes for a clear and independent evaluation, followed by an advice from a serious consultant.

Consultants are given the possibility to bring his or her systematic uncovering for the client organization’s problem. And after that, come up with suggestions for innovative solutions.

Consultants work for higher profitability in organizations and optimal earnings on all projects, which they form part of.


The Concept – Model

We follow 2 principles in most of the jobs we solve. Regardless that it is an internal education, an organization’s development or change development, or a profitability project.

The first principle is to define a project or the intention to go through a project with an external management consultancy. The other principle is that we as consultants can carry through the work related, as well as the human factor elements. Cooperation with the client is built on a phasing program, that is described in short as follows;

Phase 1

Mobilization and Diagnoses

In this phase, we establish cooperation in the client’s organization. We use time to establish mutual trust and develop organizational network, that shapes “the partnership”. The network to be documented in an organizational project plan, where works, functions and competences are clearly defined.

Phase 2


It is in this phase we work with facts. We work by need analyses process when it concerns employee development and education.

Phase 3

Recommendations and Solutions

This phase is utilized to generate solutions to be confirmed. Choosing the best possible alternatives and to establish a preliminary implementation plan.

Phase 4  


The different tasks in this phase vary but most often includes a specific implementation strategy, activity plans methods of communication, training and educational programmes and control systems. We emphasize that our role in this phase also changes from organisation to organisation, since our recommendations concerns the appointment of “key players” of both kinds: those that are fore the project and have to lead the way and those that are against.

Phase 5


The CONCEPT-model is based on years of experience where we have seen the importance of this phase being used to examine the results with the client, identifying problem areas and their solutions and mapping out an implementation strategy.

We ask ourselves the question: is the client better of now than when we started, in the context of change-readiness, and is he capable of maintaining the developed improvement-system?     

You will reach your objectives- by contacting us:

CONCEPT Solutions & Innovations Ltd

2057, Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus: +357 00000000

Denmark: +45 51342410

Denmark: +45 91154670

Website: www.concept-support.com

E-mail: Info@concept-support.com

CONCEPT Solutions & Innovations Ltd - Cyprus is in it’s intellectual values a leading advisory firm including best-in-class conceptual and effective improvement methodologies.

3 Business areas:

1)    Strong advisory organization (including a turnaround business unit – assisting banks in the safe future for any     

       bank client)

2)    Alternative Energy business unit including being Mandate Holder of Europe’s strongest players within solar,

       wind, bio and waste management

3)    Contract Furnishing business unit (FF&E and/or BOO, BOT and DCM(F)

CONCEPT Renewable Energy

We business developed a division for Renewable Energy. When we mention the business development it is meant to explain the structure, under which we created our professional product and service platform.

European clients  urged us to go into this future-oriented industry. We had worked as consultants for battery-driven cars early in the life of CONCEPT. We have produced feasibility studies for the windmill industry.

We assessed the ME markets. We designed our strategy and worked out our objectives. We started to work within our network – (and during 2019/20 we will  in our network (be partner in)  have established the portfolio ME and Indian solar plants).

CONCEPT Hospitality

Over the years we have developed successful working relationships with purchasing companies, design firms and hotel companies.

CON Hospitality is a furnishings group offering interior design, architectural consulting, cost-saving purchasing, supervised installation and turnkey services for the hospitality, timeshare, healthcare industries and office projects since 1978.

CON Hospitality’s philosophy is simple, supply the best for the market. No specific “style” or “look” is attributed to the firm, rather we create a custom project for each client and are very involved in research prior to beginning the actual design process, to the production control to the final touches of the delivery.

With our offices in Jeddah KSA, Amman  Jordan, Nicosia Cyprus (HQ) and Europe we can service the global requirements of our clientele and provide them with all they need and demand.

We believe that we make a substantial saving to our clients’ overall budget which will make a significant contribution to the clients’ bottom line profitability.

We offer turnkey sourcing, ordering, Quality Control, shipping, logistics, import, clearance and delivery to site whilst delivering substantial savings.

Flexibility in our approach and ability to store and deliver enhance current supply chain management system allowing you to stay “one step ahead of the competition”.

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