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CONCEPT Solutions & Innovations is an international Management Innovative Advisory and Renewable Energy Developer (SOLAR).

We have offices in Cyprus, Jeddah, KSA and Pune, India and Joint Offices in Jordan and Denmark.



Capture Solar Energy Limited, Pune, India (


About CSEL


Founder Members of CaptureSolar Energy Limited recognize the nations need for energy that is the life line for social and economic progress. In spite of coming from varied business backgrounds they share a common passion to provide access to clean and affordable energy to industries, commercial establishments and the masses.


Raju Bhosale Chairman and CEO of CaptureSolar envisages a future wherein we provide reliable and affordable solar energy access and simultaneously provide profitable partnership opportunities to the land owners and other stakeholders.


Capture Solar Energy Limited is an organisation focused on providing reliable, affordable electrical and thermal energy using Solar Resource based solutions including Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic solutions. A collaborative approach with its Technical partners, Investors, Landowners helps to deliver a cost effective solutions to it’s customers using a DBFO model (Design, Built, Finance and Operate).




SALCO CONCEPT International Consulting is an innovative group with business improvement at its core. We believe that by doing excellent client work reward will follow and we are dedicated to building business value for clients through effective management systems, creative communication and positive people.

When you work with us you won’t find the trappings of a large, bureaucratic group of people with job titles longer than their business cards. You’ll find best-in-class, straight-talking professionals, who are culturally sensitive from their personal experience of living and working throughout the world. We love what we do, respect and value each other and are one hundred per cent focused on assisting our clients to prosper and grow.



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